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General Questions

People often ask where does the name Net Sea Freight – Tasmania (NSF-T) come from?  The origin of the name lies in the organisations most dynamic business model the ability to offer a sea freight rate net of the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme (TFES) assistance paid.  The details of this model are contained in the following FAQs.

Net Sea Freight – Tasmania (NSF-T) is the #1 Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme (TFES) Claims Agent.  It is important to highlight from the onset we are NOT a freight forwarder and not in competition with anyone in that, or associated industries.  NSF-T is not involved in the setting of freight rates.

Under the Ministerial Directions (MDs) governing the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme (TFES), organisations incurring freight costs for the passage of goods across Bass Strait may be eligible to claim freight assistance from the Federal Government.  The MDs permit eligible claimants to engage another person to act as your Claims Agent and submit claims on your behalf, in the same way your Tax Accountant/Agent can prepare and lodge your tax return.  A Claims Agent must be authorised by the Federal Government’s Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities to act as a Claims Agent.  To remain compliant TFES Claims Agents must act in accordance with specific guidelines.

By engaging Net Sea Freight – Tasmania (NSF-T) as your Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme (TFES) Claims Agent you enhance the competitive position of your company in mainland and other markets by provision of an efficient TFES claims administration system.  Additionally, your administrative burden will be reduced by eliminating the need for you to go through the process of claiming that to which you are entitled.  You receive the benefits of having a TFES administrative specialist working for you which provides continuity of service and an up to date knowledge of the rules and regulations for TFES claims.

  • TFES Net Rate model for both north and southbound freight forwarder expenses.
  • Retrospective TFES claims process on freight and supplier invoices.
  • Compare expected TFES assistance against the actual TFES assistance paid to ensure you receive your maximum entitlement.
  • Holistic freight expense administration.
  • Business reporting.
  • Client advocacy in the TFES space.
  • Secure storage of TFES claims data.

You may enjoy reduced administrative costs as we perform that function for you.  Often Net Sea Freight – Tasmania (NSF-T) will be able to identify additional eligibility.  You may also benefit from improved cash flow through our NET RATE system, i.e. pay a NET rate not a GROSS freight rate.  Our staff can discuss this opportunity with you.

Net Rate TFES Claims Model

  • You continue to do exactly what you are doing now.
  • The only difference is you now receive a NET priced freight invoice from Net Sea Freight – Tasmania.
  • You pay the NET amount to Net Sea Freight – Tasmania and receive upfront the full amount of TFES assistance in the form of reduced transport costs.

Retrospective TFES Claims Model

  • You continue to do exactly what you are doing now.
  • You provide Net Sea Freight – Tasmanian your paid freight forwarder or supplier invoices.
  • Net Sea Freight – Tasmanian process your claim. Once you receive the full amount of TFES assistance we will invoice you our service fee.

Yes.  We will administer all your freight including non-eligible north or southbound freight.  This may however (dependent on its proportion of the total) attract an administration fee, which we negotiate with you at the commencement of our agreement.

The mainstays of our business with you are (1) discretion and (2) confidentiality.  We do not discuss the business we do with you outside the ‘loop’ which consists of (1) You; (2) Net Sea Freight – Tasmania; (3) Your chosen freight forwarder; (4) Your suppliers (if applicable); (5) and the Department.  We are not competing with your freight forwarder.  That is why it is safe for you to provide us with your gross freight rate.  We require that information to calculate the maximum TFES entitlement we can get for you.

Of course you can.  You maintain your autonomy in the selection of your freight forwarder.

Net Sea Freight – Tasmania (NSF-T) has over 18 years of experience processing Tasmanian Freight Equlisation Scheme claims on behalf of its 200+ customers who operate businesses in the wide variety of eligible industry sectors.  NSF-T enjoys an enviable reputation and acceptance with all major players including the main freight forwarders.

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